Opening GREENE offices from home

GREENE is the new accommodation concept for all ABN AMRO client environments. GREENE offices are to receive one familiar corporate identity, in as sustainable and circular as a way as possible. As an intern, I have been helping the business implementation team with the rollout process at various locations across the Netherlands over the past six months – from home.

I study Urban Planning and Human Geography Studies, which covers urban planning, property and housing. That was why I wanted to do an internship in property. The GREENE concept was something I was enthusiastic about from the start; it's amazing that an accommodation concept looks at factors such as sustainability and circularity. A lot of design features tell a story, such as soundproof walls made from recycled carpets. 

Internship during corona times
My internship mainly took place in my own home. Of course, that was not the initial plan. I was supposed to be on site regularly. Things have been very different due to the corona crisis: I already spent the whole of my first week working from home, and it looked set to stay that way. It did take some getting used to, but I'm very happy that I could continue my internship.

Team spirit
It is less easy to get to know your immediate colleagues online, of course. At one point, the chance to be creative made things all the more fun. For example, another intern organised coffee meetings for us with colleagues we did not yet know. Together with two other interns, we also organised a pub quiz. That was a great success.

Opening offices during a lockdown
Meanwhile, the GREENE office openings still went ahead online. My team was heavily involved in stakeholder management. We served as the link between various parties such as project managers, architects and employees. Sometimes the online aspect made this easier, as people could get together from across the country without having to travel long distances. You can look at a floor plan together just as easily from a shared screen as sitting round a conference table.

The right information in the right place
Our team made sure that everything ran smoothly from a communication point of view. We put together our ideas about the right means of communication and sent newsletters out to users. We also organised (virtual) kick-off events as and when offices were ready. That was a great success: as many as 70 people joined the Den Bosch office live.

Employer with potential
It has been interesting to see how one of the largest banks in the Netherlands is dealing with the current situation. I still have lots to learn from ABN AMRO! The bank has so many sectors, flows and departments, and I am very curious to discover more.

Meanwhile, my contract has been extended and I am now working on the future accommodation strategy for Private Banking. I will continue working on this project until January, after which I need to get back to my Masters. It would be great to return to ABN AMRO once I have completed my studies.

Emmylou Loos - Intern
9 December 2020