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Data Talent Programme

Data: it’s seen as the new gold for the coming decades. We need advanced data analysis to take better strategic decisions, improve our customer journeys and gain clearer commercial insights. Technology is evolving at lightning speed and drive of innovation has a major impact on the financial system. The time for you to join forces with us to make banking faster, easier and smarter is now. We need your talents to help make our bank future-proof!

Our Data Talent Programme

The ABN AMRO Data Talent Programme offers you a substantively challenging position in which you combine your work with education and training for 18 months. In the first six weeks you will start with a data bootcamp, where you will work on your hard and soft skills with your fellow trainees. Immediately afterwards, you will start at your department in a fixed position where you will work on your own activities and assignments, with the help of your manager and colleagues.

Next to your work, you also participate in the personal development programme Boost Your Growth. In this unique programme you are challenged to get a better picture of who you are, how you can use your talent for the benefit of society and ABN AMRO.

Please note this is not a traineeship with different rotations throughout the organisation. During the recruitment process, the various hiring managers will determine with which department your profile matches most. For an in-depth learning experience, you will stay at that department through-out the 18 months of the talent programme.

Two type of starter positions

We are hiring Data Analysts and Data Scientists. We strongly advise you to only apply for one role. If you need help with your choice, please get in touch with us.

Data Analyst

As data analyst trainee you will learn how to sift through data and seek to identify trends. What stories do the numbers tell? What business decisions can be made based on these insights? See yourself as a consultant between the data and a business line. As a data analyst you may also create visual representations, such as dashboards, charts and graphs to better showcase what the data reveals.

Data Scientist

As data scientist trainee you will primarily learn how to translate business challenges into technical predictive models that support a better decision making. As data scientist you will be well-equipped to store and clean large amounts of data, explore data sets to identify valuable insights, build predictive models, and run data science projects from end to end.


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