I had absolutely no idea about the complex world that lies behind it, the impact a big organisation like ABN AMRO has and the fresh new ideas being developed here. The Process Consulting Talent Programme assigns talents to three different business lines in rotation. You also attend training sessions which help you in your professional development. You do this with other talents, and that gives you a useful and friendly network straight away.

Development in Payments are never ending

Essentially, tokenization is a technical solution for securing mobile payments. It’s based on encoded data, otherwise known as a token, and makes payments a lot more secure. A current example is Apple Pay, which ABN AMRO introduced into its own systems last week. With Apple Pay, you no longer have to carry a debit card but can pay using just your iPhone or Apple Watch. 

Ideally, I would like to stay with ABN AMRO

As a Data Science intern in the DIA (Data Innovation & Analytics) team, my job is to generate synthetic data. In other words, put together ‘fake’ data which can be used in various ways, such as to fill a data gap. More specifically, I concentrate on applying synthetic data to guarantee privacy. This includes thinking of ways to generate data that can be used to replace personal data. In the event of a system breach, there would then be no privacy leak because the information isn't genuine.

I provide input on the future of the bank

Want to know what I thought before starting my internship at Private Banking? Impressive offices, a corporate environment and really dynamic work. I could totally see myself there. I wasn’t wrong, but there’s much more to Private Banking than that.

'Our impact as a bank amazes me each day'

Joris Cloostermans studied Financial Engineering & Management at the University of Twente. He began his career in the bank’s Credit Risk Modelling department but is now a member of the first-line credit risk team at ABN AMRO Commercial Banking. ‘Designing models is one thing, getting them to tie in with practical reality is quite another. We play a crucial role in this by acting as the linchpin between technology, data and our customers.

My goal : to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals at all times

As a great deal of criminal activity now takes place online, it is increasingly important for us, as a bank, to protect our clients. To do this we use cutting-edge technology, such as big data and machine learning. And when developing new products and services we make sure security is given priority from the outset.