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Make a difference as IT Specialist

The right IT environment and technology are crucial for us. Our services need to stay secure and accessible at any time. From mobile banking till opening a bank account with a selfie – all our digital innovations help individuals, SME’s and big organizations.

The future of banking depends on you 
Being an IT specialist at ABN AMRO means more than just developing apps and software. That’s why we are looking for developers who don’t settle for today’s innovations. And are challenged by fixing bugs in our software. Engineers who understand the importance of futureproof data. And, the ones who, together with us, want to develop a data-environment and optimise our data sourcing & processing. Lots of data also means a lot of responsibility. We are constantly looking for smarter ways to improve digital banking and ensure our apps are as secure as possible. There is a lot at stake, security first. 

Do you want to know more about the future of banking?  


ABN AMRO is developing a wide range of digital innovations, which include a mobile banking app, Apple watch technology, making payments using a smartphone and opening a new bank account with a selfie. Our teams develop new products to improve customer experience, while other teams ensure these services are secure and accessible. In short, we continuously rely on co-creation to generate winning innovations together. 

Our customer experience standards
By enabling millions of transactions per day, ensuring constant access to internet banking, and the highest customer satisfaction rating for our app, we seem to be doing pretty well in terms of customer experience. But that doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels. On the contrary, we continue to listen closely to what our clients have to say. That’s why we’ve decided to implement the Agile way of working and why we ask our clients to provide as much feedback as possible.


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