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Finance Business Data Modeller (Amsterdam)

At a glance

Finance and Risk are developing at a rapid pace. Technology, external regulation and internal steering offer numerous new opportunities, as well as challenges. Data Management has taken off and all eyes are on the new data governance and the way we structure our data requirements.

Finance FA (Financial Accounting) Reporting is the biggest data consumer of the bank. This consumption is all based on the Finance and Risk Information Model, FRIM. We are looking for somebody with extensive experience in conceptual, logical and physical data models.

Do you want to be at the core of the data management framework? At the centre of the regulatory requirements? At the top of the internal business modelling capabilities of ABN AMRO? Are you enthusiastic about data modelling? Do you like to learn about new (finance/regulatory) topics? Then you really want to become the new Finance Business Data Modeller!


N.B. Please be aware that this function is all about modelling data structures, not about finding statistical relationships in the data itself.

Your job

Finance and Risk are among the most dynamic businesses within Banking. Technology in combination with Regulatory demands creates new demands and opportunities. As Finance Business Data Modeller in the Finance Data Management Team, you have the opportunity to play an important role in these dynamics.

Within ABN AMRO, Finance and Risk have a relatively mature Business Data Model, being FRIM (the Finance & Risk Information Model). FRIM is the basis for all our physical implementations and for the data we request from our reporting entities. With this model, ABN AMRO is ahead of its peers and it allows us to play an active role on European scale with regard to Finance and Risk Business Data Modelling.

FRIM is constantly in development. New regulations have to be taken up in the model, existing reports, capabilities and Risk models need to be translated to FRIM and where necessary the model needs to be extended. The same applies to the different physical sourcing models that are used to source data, based on the information model: sourcing instructions, data types and  concept definitions.

In your role as Finance Business Data Modeller, you will determine whether new reporting requirements are specified correctly, you will integrate them into the model and develop the Business Data Model of Finance and Risk. Also, you will work on the development and quality assurance of the sourcing formats and sourcing instructions. Finally, you will participate as Finance and Risk expert in business projects, to ensure that new data structures are aligned with our needs.

Your work is to make sure that the requests from data users are interpreted, correctly processed and modelled in the FRIM model and the sourcing models, and that stakeholders are informed about the changes to the model. In that sense you are also the go-between for the sourcing departments, policies departments and the external vendor data models. The aim is, that in the end the data users are provided with the data they need to fulfil their reporting requirements. Part of your work is to analyse existing (vendor and internal) data models for inconsistencies and model issues, to make proposals for improvement and to chase the realisation of these improvements. You bring transparency on questions and explain differences or different solutions to a problem. In this, you are pro-active, because you want data and processes to improve.

This function will give you an unique view of the inner workings of data management and a better understanding of external regulations. You will report hierarchically to the head of Data Management Finance and functionally to the different stakeholders involved.

Please be aware this function is about modelling of data structures, not about building statistical models with the actual data.

Working environment

Data Management FA is a small team of highly valued professionals, positioned within Finance. These professionals are involved in a number of Data Management knowledge areas, such as Data Quality issue Management, Dataflow and Processes, Data Lineage, Data Profiling and Monitoring and Data Modelling and the like.

Every employee has his / her own specialism, but also spends some time in other knowledge areas to help, build relationships and grow.

We take pride in setting high goals and aiming for the stars. We create a safe environment, where we help each other, stand-in for each other and give trust. We do not mind if a goal is not reached, as long as we can be proud of the part we did achieve. We are not afraid to fail, but are very transparent about what we will and will not deliver. We have humour, try to be more than just colleagues and try to take ourselves not too seriously.

On the other hand, we will not back away from a good discussion, as long as this is on content or process and not personal.

Within the department you are managed on WHAT you should achieve. HOW you do that, is something you can determine for yourself, within the boundaries of the rules of governance and risk. This setting gives you great freedom. With great freedom comes great responsibility and the need to set your own goals and then try to reach them.

Your profile

You are a highly educated professional, that is internally motivated. You like a challenge and you want to be on top of things. You want to be a part of something bigger and are willing to learn about data, data definitions and data models. You are not only interested in the use of data itself, but the inner workings of how to get to good data and to make sure data is being used correctly for the bank to achieve their goals.

You have a proven track record in data modelling, preferably in a Banking environment, and ideally in Finance and / or Risk. Both conceptual, logical and physical modelling have no secrets to you and you know how to put these into practice. Most importantly, you have an internal drive and are perfectionist; you want to make sure that at every moment, you have the answer to the question: Where are we with regard to our data model?

We are offering

We offer a challenging surrounding, an interesting field of work, a substantial role in something enormously important, with a decent salary and good secondary conditions, fitting the profile (function level 10). Of course, there is also the potential for future growth, both inside and outside of the department.

  • The opportunity to be the best you can be, work flexible hours and lots of room to grow both personally and professionally
  • The opportunity to pro-actively work on your vitality and fitness
  • A salary ranging from 4.000 to 5.600 euro per month based on a 36-hour workweek
  • A supplementary benefit budget of 11%, which you can spend on additional fringe benefits
  • A personal development budget of EUR 1.000 per year
  • An annual public transportation pass or travel budget, depending on the function
  • A solid pension plan


If you are interested, please contact Geert Tacken, Head of Data Management Finance FA Reporting, geert.tacken@nl.abnamro.com or 06 – 511 90 835.

Equal opportunities for all
The success of our organisation depends on the quality of our people and the ideas that they have. Truly surprising insights and innovative solutions for our clients result from an interplay of cultures, knowledge and experience. Diversity is therefore extremely important to our organisation. To ensure that everyone at ABN AMRO can develop their talents, we encourage an inclusive culture in which all colleagues feel engaged and appreciated.
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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NL

Job Posting Date:  27-Sep-2021
Requisition ID:  50122

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