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Junior Equipment Manager

At a glance

A great opportunity for a junior candidate to join the experienced Asset Valuation and Audit Team and carve out a career for themselves in Asset Based Finance.  It is our aim to provide an ongoing path of growth into the role detailed below via the completion of secondment assignments, work shadowing and learning on the job. 


We are seeking a candidate who has an understanding of mechanics / interest in machinery, has a natural aptitude for IT systems, is proficient and confident in Excel, has a valid Driver’s Licence and is prepared to be Home Based ideally in the North of England.


As part of the UK Branch Risk Management structure the primary role of Asset Valuation & Audit is to identify and optimise ABF’s risks, so as to make an optimal contribution to achieving ABF’s strategic objectives with a focus on minimising the risks within the Lease and Commercial Finance portfolio. The department develops innovative, original expertise related to assets on behalf of the Sales, Marketing and Credit Management departments.


Asset Valuation & Audit achieves this by performing on-going monitoring, client audits, asset valuations and surveys on both existing clients and on new business prospects with a view to increasing insight into the potential risks associated with the facilities offered or proposed.


The department is responsible for developing advice and expertise related to assets within the organisation, and providing both clients and ABF with optimum security in relation to their assets. The continuing development of Asset Valuation & Audit ensures maximum gains thanks to cooperation with Sales, Marketing, Relationship Management, Credit Management and FR&R.


The values of the various types of assets are in constant flux, thereby creating new opportunities on an on-going basis providing clients with optimised benefits and increasing ABF’s competitive strength in the process.


Asset Valuation straddles both:


i)          Leasing - facilities are primarily based on title to hard assets with specialist advice, management and support provided by a team of expert Lease Asset Managers; and

ii)          Commercial Finance - facilities are supported by specialist Client Auditors who report on ABL facilities comprising receivables finance, inventory finance, and other assets (including P&M and property) and can also be further supported by EFG loans. Where appropriate Lease Asset Managers will advise on larger P&M facilities where their knowledge and experience can add value and minimise Risk.

Your job

The key functions of the Asset Manager are as follows;

Ensuring that other functions can make well informed decisions regarding collateral values and asset risk
Developing and maintaining collateral profiles and Residual Value matrices
Providing asset / transaction specific Residual Value advice for transactions falling outside of defined matrices
Managing the extension or return of end of lease equipment to maximise net realisations.
Supporting FR&R in the successful management and where applicable liquidation of distress cases.

Key result areas

Deal-specific changes in residual values (Exception To the Matrix / ETM)
Provides insight into changes in residual values in deal-specific cases which form an exception to the Residual Value Matrix (RVM) in order to promote the lowest possible lease terms and the highest possible sales.
Builds and maintains a domestic and international network of appraisers, auctioneers, suppliers and dealers.
Sets clear the application related to the deal-specific case and proactively sets out to find any missing information.
Relates the application from the customer to information from his/her network and makes an estimate of the changes in residual value.

Sales transactions

Ensures an optimum sales process in the event of early termination or completion/renewal of contracts, in compliance with the legal parameters and guidelines set by ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance (ABF). With the objective of optimising the proceeds and profits from asset sales and contract renewals.
Monitors specific expiring contracts.
Tracks trends in the national and international markets and in relation to sales channels and notes when specific assets can be sold at a good price.
Builds and maintains a domestic and international network of suppliers, traders and end users and determines the value of the assets.
Develops a feel for the interests of the various stakeholders involved (including potential buyers, lessees and ABN AMRO ABF) and influences, if necessary, colleagues in ABN AMRO ABF to cooperate in the optimum timing of the sale.
Identifies the most favourable party and subject to delegation and approval, completes the sale.

Asset values

Provides insight into the actual value of assets, in compliance with the Asset Management policy, so as to ensure that plans can be made involving the asset in question and the RVM can be adjusted if necessary.
Inspects clients’ assets and assesses the status and operational reliability of the asset(s).
Establishes an Exit Strategy, and estimates the net realisable value of asset(s).
Incorporates observations into a report on the de facto value of the asset(s).

Market insight

Provides insight into markets to be investigated, in accordance with the objectives and strategy of ABN AMRO ABF, so as to ensure that Asset Management, Marketing and Sales are well prepared for market trends.
Tracks and analyses market trends and asset trends in relation to the lease portfolio managed by ABN AMRO ABF.
Forms an opinion on trends in the market and the lease portfolio in relation to any modifications that might be required to the residual value environment; investigations and focus by Sales.
Develops proposals and provides information regarding markets to be investigated for Asset Management, Marketing and Sales, and manages to persuade colleagues of his opinion.

Systems data

Updates data in the system related to ETM, sales transactions, inspections and market research, in accordance with the needs of the organisation, so that this data is accessible to colleagues in Asset Management and the organisation as a whole.


Your working environment

ABN AMRO is a Dutch Bank offering a full range of services to retail, private, commercial and merchant banking clients. We are also active internationally in a number of specialist activities, such as Corporate and Commercial Banking, Asset Based Finance and Clearing.


The culture we aim for within the Bank is one in which we strive to strengthen our clients’ position. Our success is based on our  client’s success. We want clients to perceive us as a trusted partner, professional and ambitious - our core values.


At ABN AMRO UK we follow the Banks global strategy. We always aim to put our customers first and to create sustainable, long-term value for all our stakeholders – customers, shareholders, employees and society at large; it is our people that we rely on to help us achieve this ambition.


We concentrate on our strategic priorities:


•             Client focus

•             Invest in our future

•             Maintain a moderate risk profile

•             Selectively grow our businesses

•             Improve profitability


ABN AMRO UK is part of the Corporate Banking business line and operates the following businesses in the UK:


•             Corporate and Institutional Banking – which includes  Corporate Banking, Clearing Global Markets - Sales & Trading, Escrow & Settlement, and Financial Institutions

•             Commercial Banking which includes Asset Based Finance and International Desk, which provides transactional banking services


Our business lines are supported by a number of functions such as Risk, Compliance, Legal, IT, Finance (Including Tax), Business Management and Human Resources. We currently employ approx. 380 individuals in the UK.


Your profile

The successful candidate will be practical in nature, will seek to understand the function and application of the asset(s), along with the alternate uses and applications, and their appeal to other market participants.


• Good first degree or equivalent work experience gathered within a Leasing, Equipment Management or other practical application.
• Proficient in Microsoft Excel, capable of manipulating data, use of pivot tables, etc.
• Basic understanding of the technical aspects of “mechanical” equipment, and being able to develop and translate that understanding to a broad range of equipment
• An understanding of how the mechanical configuration of an asset will impact its use, potential application and therefore secondary markets
• Ability to take a pragmatic approach to the remarketing of assets, particularly motor vehicles (truck, trailer, bus, coach) and considering the relative merits of investing / reconfiguring the assets to broaden market appeal and achieve the optimum net realisation.
• Eagerness to learn and self-develop.
• Good/strong Risk awareness.
• Willingness to travel to the Netherlands to liaise with supporting departments.

What we offer

Opportunity to work in a dynamic environment, where flexibility is highly appreciated. We encourage you to grow and develop as a person and as an employee.


We have identified that the following types of flexible working may be suitable for this role in principle. Any requests will be determined in line with our Flexible Working Policy:


Type of Flexible Working       Maybe Considered

Job Sharing                           No

Remote Working                   Yes - Home Workers

Part time                                No

Flexitime                                 Possibly but must fit around Client & Prospect site days & hours

Unpaid leave                           No

Staggered hours                      Possibly but must fit around Client & Prospect site days & hours

Other                                        N/a



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For more information please contact Niki Champion, Senior Resourcing Partner, UKrecruitment@uk.abnamro.com, +44 203 192 9342.


North of England, N/A, United Kingdom

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Requisition ID:  27742

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